23rd June 2024 

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I have worked with clients experiencing alcohol problems and drug addiction since 2004. Recently, to consolidate my experience, I took the course “Working with Addictions and Eating Disorders” at the Metanoia Institute. All that has given me the confidence to say that I know what addiction is about and that I have the skills to help my clients fight it.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Aristotle

Living with the beast

"It is as if inside you lives another person, someone who is wild and raging; one you can't argue with, one you can't restrain! It is as if a wild beast has found refuge inside you."
Others have described addiction as a feeling of emptiness, a painful void in the chest area. The sensation is one of anxiety and psychic pain. The fear is – of going mad! The need is to fill that emptiness with something, to heal the pain with some ‘ointment’. Alcohol is used as the liquid to fill the void, and narcotics the painkillers to sooth one's pain.

Addiction as self-care

If these are good descriptions, it follows that alcohol and drugs are nothing more than ways of dealing with painful feelings, by self-medicating - a kind of self-care system. This is so important to realise! There is so much shame, self-loathing and guilt surrounding addictions that I really find it important to emphasise the need for some kindness and self-compassion. The toxic shame that's associated with addictions is a great hindrance on the road to recovery.

Addictions #01

There is HOPE

There is no escaping it though - this self-care system ends up destroying what it was meant to care for. Some would go so far as to say it's a suicide in instalments. The first drink, puff, experience of heavenly relief is only shortlived - and as you need more and more, you can find yourself in a living hell instead.

If you have experienced problems with addictions, then do something about it!
It is possible to find a self-care system that really works! I have seen people coming back from hell, regaining control over their lives and turning the experience and the pain into something positive and empowering. THERE IS HOPE!

Addictions #02

Working from the root

I work by heading towards the root of the problem, clearing the ground, and creating a therapeutic environment for a healing process to follow. I will be relentless in pursuing that goal with you. However, I am not kidding myself: it is you who does the work and, if you are not on board, my efforts alone will not be enough. I will use all the tools I have to unearth what has created the need, I will investigate with you how it has become entrenched in your life's routine and will endeavour to create a new routine and a new healthier self-care system. We will fight it TOGETHER