23rd June 2024 

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Experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist based near to
Oxford Circus, London W1

BACP Accredited Counsellor offering Psychotherapy in Fulham and Hammersmith

My name is Rosi Rangelova, and I am a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. I offer therapy sessions in two locations in Central London; one close to Oxford Circus, London W1, and the other in West London in Fulham and Hammersmith.

"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien

Finding your way

From time to time, we all find ourselves lost in the big city of life. It seems natural to ask someone for directions when we are on the street, doesn’t it? But it can be a very different story when our life journey is concerned. It might seem inconceivable to share your innermost feelings and thoughts with a stranger but talking with a qualified counsellor is often the best way to receive non-judgemental, safe and competent help for your journey through life.

Where are you today?

You might have felt recently that things have not been going well for you; you might have felt anxious and depressed, you might have been facing difficult conflicts, or you may have wondered if there was more to life than the daily routine; the places to be and the things to do. You may have had some painful feelings around a family member, boss, friend, and even at the unfairness of the wide world. You might be worried that you have been compulsively eating or perhaps drinking too much alcohol. And if it feels unbearable, you might be feeling something has got to change!

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” ~Pema Chodron

Road to recovery

What are you to do?

I would invite you to see yourself as a flower or a tree. What would a flower need in order to grow tall and strong, to be healthy and to flower? What does a tree need in order to stretch its crown high, reaching for the stars; what is needed in order to produce fruit? Wouldn't the answer be simple: some sun light, some water and a patch of fertile soil, full of nourishment, some space for the routes to spread freely?! What nourishes you, are you exposed to enough light? Do you feel the warmth of another human being? Are you thirsty for experiences and adventures? Or, perhaps, you feel starved and cornered; perhaps you are parched and have found yourself in cold and dark pit? Without hope! With counselling and psychotherapy, I can help you try and make sense of your life, retracing your steps to work out how you have come to this place, and helping you consider what paths are available to you now, how you can replant yourself and access nourishment and light, so that you can move on in your life. I am offering to be your guide for this process - in a sense, the friendly stranger you stop to ask for directions. To make a start, we could meet at one of my counselling rooms: one is near to Oxford Circus, London W1, and the other is in West London in Fulham and Hammersmith. At that first meeting you will have the chance to decide if counselling and/or psychotherapy is right for you, see if you're comfortable with my approach, and find out how long counselling might take, and what realistic goals might be considered. Read more about my approach in "How I work"

Your guide

After 15 years of studying and practising psychology, counselling, and drama and movement therapy, I have great experience of navigating in the ‘city of life’. During my professional journey as a counsellor and psychotherapist I have become convinced that each one of us has a ‘home’ in that city, with unique architecture and content and there is a street map, with a unique path to a place you feel is your home. Yet, don't expect me to tell you the route; instead I will help you to find yourself the way through. I strongly believe in your ability to find your way home and I am willing to accompany you in your journey for a short while or longer – how long is up to you. I am also confident that the end result of such meeting of two people would be for you to become your own counsellor and guide in life.
Find out more about who I am in "About me".

What I do

I listen to your story; with an open mind and heart I try to see you as you are. You and I look into the patterns of your behaviour, and try to trace them back to their origins, the time they were formed; together we uncover the blueprints and the foundations of your present being. You and I revisit the bumps and knocks you have suffered on your journey and establish the ‘damage’ and imprint they made in you. As a result, together we draw a new design, one that will embody the real you. You and I then patiently strengthen your belief that you can break the old mould and find your way. Beware; this work takes a lot of courage, soul-searching and overcoming your fears. Yet it can be done, and it is very worthwhile; I have helped many people like this, and I am confident I can help you too, to find your own way!

Beyond the chrisis

"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging."
~Joseph Campbell

Once the crisis is over, an opening arises for further growth. "The task ... is to re-connect us with the depth of ourselves...to help the person to find his inner ground, his essence, the source from which his own heeling energy wells up with the power to integrate him anew in spite of whatever he learnt about how not to feel alive." (Boadella 1987, pp169-72)

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Do you want to talk about your life journey? Do you need some space to explore your feelings? Is life a struggle? If so I can help! I offer counselling, psychotherapy and drama therapy, and can help with depression, alcohol addiction, insomnia and more. I am based at 2 locations, one near to Oxford Circus, London W1, and the other in West London in Fulham and Hammersmith. Please call me on 07855891428 or email me.